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About Susu Bubble Tea

Original Taiwan bubble tea

We are the supplier of original bubble tea in South Africa. We are currently one of the oldest suppliers in the country. We’ve been around since 2018 supplying and serving original and fresh bubble tea, our tea variations are all imported directly from Taiwan. We provide the most current trend and variation of bubble tea. We are always the first to bring in new products and variations. We have different variations for every season.

Susu Bubble Tea exemplify a range of diversified concepts attached together by a shred commitment to provide guests with the best and finest bubble drinks. We are driven by our belief, legacy, and inspiration which are the underlying force of more creative business ideas and development. Our passion for delivering the best and quality bubble tea shall always be translated into a work environment rich for the staff.

Milk Tea

Classic Milk Tea

Enjoy the fresh taste of our Milk tea with Tapioca toppings. Best for the season.


Matcha Drinks

Get refreshed and reinvigorated with the enjoyable taste of our Matcha drinks.


Fair Price Drinks

Come enjoy your favourite bubble drinks at an affordable price.